Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Situational Pessimism

By temperment and general ideological inclination, I find I foten agree with the policy side of the liberal blogotubes, rather than the activist side.

I say this, partly by way of introduction and by way of clarfication and by way of disclaimer. The policy wonks appeal to me in a way that dailykos and FDL don't. This cleavature has become especially clear upon the Obama presidencny, and even more so during the inter-liberal healthcare spat.

Noentheless, part of me finds himself, as in other areas of my life, betwixt and between. The pessimism of atrios, for example, is definitly influential to me, altough it often leaves me unclear on what to do, what to say.

As I've mentioned before, partly through readings atrios, partly through reading other people, my pessimism in general, economic, political, social, often rises to the level of feeling futile. I can't help but see the many ways in which our society is really, truly broken, and I despair of our ability to actually fix what has gone wrong. The reasons behind this pessismism are worth unpacking, and I'll try to do so over the rest of this week.

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