Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Department of Easy Predictions

Two points about this item by Matt Yglesias about how Bobby Kindal blackmailed the democratic Lousiana AG into joining the healtcare lawsuit:

1)  It's fairly easy to see that the attempt to give a bapartisan sheen to the whole thing will, in all likelyhood, succeed, and not just on Fox news.  Since our journalistic class consantly displays a casual disrigard for actually informing their readers of facts, and since they can be counted upon to cover any "conflict" in a utterly predictable way, the "bipartisan" nature of these lawsuits will take hold and be repeated endlessly, much the same way in which the 2% of tea partiers which are dissapointed democrats got a great deal of media attention.  In this way, Jindal's move is incredibly smart: he will likely pay no consequence for his blackmail, it will benifit the GOP talking points, and the true believers will remember his contribution to the cause.  It's also worth pointing out how Jindal makes it clear he's part of the usual Nixonian GOP establishment with this decision.

2) Insofar as what will occur when the GOP bubble meets "actual legal practice" the answer is quite simple, the rejection of their arguments will be used further their view that the entire judicial system is full of corrupt activit liberals.  If the justice is nominally republican, they will streghten  their demands for ever tighter and higher loyalty tests for new judicial nominees, as part of the general right wing feed back loop that has been genuinly successful in moving the overall idelogy of both the country and the judicial branch very far to the right over the last 30 years.

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